“ When you think about it, creativity is the most satisfying thing in life. ”
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The Meaning of Art for children fish paintign
“ For a child, art is primarily a means of expression. No two children are alike, and, in fact, each child differs even from his earlier self as he constantly grows, perceives, understands, and interprets his thought. A child is a dynamic being; art becomes for him a language of thought. ”
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How can Eeko Arts help my child? colour pencils
We understand children's developmental stages in art. Our program focuses on the life experiences and interests of children. We provide various materials for children use to help develop their perception, discover the sensations, satisfactions, and understand the physical world around them. We think unless image making is directed toward concrete and personally significant experiences, there is a weak focus for the creation of meaning.

In our sequential lessons, children are encouraged to explore the qualities of materials in depth and then to use this knowledge in making images of importance to them.
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